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Shari Kaiser


A lifelong interest in learning led Shari and her to homeschool. She finds it a pleasure to be personally involved in molding the individual strengths and personalities each of our children that she believes was given to prepare them to serve God’s purpose. She has four successful homeschool graduates, and became actively involved in the homeschool community in 1995. She served as Director of a support group (GRACE) for 13 years and Director of an area association (CHEA) for 8 years. These opportunities allowed her to interact with many fellow homeschoolers, both seasoned in the journey and just starting out. She enjoyed learning from and supporting each other in the community. She continues to enjoy serving as a mentor when the opportunity arises. She has also been able to share her strong interest in Science with the community since 2007, beginning with Chemistry classes. She's taught Science classes in various enrichment facilities in the greater Charlotte area annually since then. She looks forward each year to helping her students see that Science is fascinating, fun, and understandable.

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