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Meet the Team


Lynn Pierre

Jones, Jr., P.T.

LU President

Lynn serves as the President of Level Up on the Board, and oversees of all of Level Up Educational Academy (including Co-Op, Tutorials, Academic Clubs). He is also one of Tutorials Tutors, and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

Lynn tutors the following classes:

  • • Human Anatomy/

  • Advanced Biology

  • •  Health & Nutrition

  • •  How to Become a Word Slinger

  • •  Click here to learn more


Contact Lynn by clicking here



Jones, RN

LU Vice President

Duwana serves as the Vice President of Level Up on the Board, and leads our Co-Op Program as well as our Speech & Debate Academic Club. She is a homeschooling mom of 5, and currently has two of her children enrolled in Tutorials, and two enrolled in Co-Op, while one has graduated and attending college.

You can learn more about:

Contact Duwana at:


Heidi Medlin

LU UNION Tutorials


Heidi was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and moved to Monroe 17 years ago when she and her husband, Bridger, married. Together they run and operate their family farm which is home to their carriage company Southern Breezes Carriages. They have two children Madison(22) and Miles(15) who both have been homeschooled. Heidi has been a Nail Technician for 30 years and continues to work two days a week. When she’s not working she enjoys volunteering and actively serves the horse community at the Union County Saddle Club. She loves to read and create a home where all feel welcome. This is going into Heidi’s fourth year as the LU Tutorials Union Principal and  remains excited for this chapter of her life with our Level Up Tutorials program, the board, and hopes to continue helping all families have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Contact Heidi by clicking here


Marilynn Bonner

LU UNION Tutorials

Assistant Principal &

LU Bookkeeper

Marilynn handles all of our financial details and works closely with our Tutors, assuring everything is well situated for them for their classes. She works closely with Lynn Jones (President) and Heidi Medlin (Principal) to support the work they do for Level Up. 

She is also one of Tutorials Tutors, and you can learn more about her by clicking here.

Marilynn tutors the following classes:

  • •  General Science

  • •  Geography

  • •  Gov't & Economics

  • •  Click here to learn more

Contact Marilynn by clicking here


Marni Arnold

LU UNION Tutorials

Admin & Comms Support

Marni brings to the table, 11+ years of Administrative, Writing & Communications Skills as well as 6+ years of Website Management and supports our LU Leaders by making sure Level Up's communications are effective and timely. She also assists in facilitating our Youth Yearbook and Social Events Committees. As a seasoned homeschooler of 16 years, and currently continuing homeschooling her only child (son) through to the end of High School (Class of 2026!). She also seeks to continue to work toward Biblical Counseling Certification.

She is also one of Tutorials Tutors, and you can learn more about her by clicking here.

Marni tutors the following classes:

Contact Marni by clicking here

Indian Land_edited.jpg

Inga Masek

Principal - LU Indian Land

Bio coming soon!

You can learn more about:

  • •  LU Indian Land's Homeschool classes by clicking here.

Contact Inga at:

  • •  Phone: 803-258-0452

  • •  Email: click here

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