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Co-Op 8-Year Plan

SAMPLE FALL SEMESTER (11 weeks): Science/Social Studies

The Fall Co-Op will offer writing instruction for Primary – Jr. High. The semester will culminate with a Science Museum, Science Fair, or Final Event.

  • Civics (During Presidential Election years) with Final Event

  • Anatomy/Physiology/Nutrition with Science Museum

  • Geography- NC, history, country, world, maps culture with Final Culture Fair

  • Physical Science (excluding geology/meteorology) with Science Fair

  • Civics (During Presidential Election years) with Final Event

  • Geology/Meteorology with Science Fair

  • Life Science (classification animal & plant kingdoms) with Science Museum

  • Solar System/Oceanography with Science Fair 

SAMPLE SPRING SEMESTER (11 weeks): History

The Spring co-op will offer a literature study of the time period with writing emphasis for Primary – Jr. High.  Semester culminates with a drama production or final event.

  • Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, Bible lands, Tabernacle, Seder meal with Drama

  • Ancient Civilizations: Greece/Rome with Drama

  • Middle Ages, Church History with Drama or Middle Ages Final Feast

  • Renaissance & Reformation with Drama or Renaissance Festival

  • Birth of a Nation/Revolutionary War/Colonial with Drama

  • Westward Expansion/Civil War with Drama

  • Victorian Age/Industrial Revolution/WWI & WWII with Radio Drama

  • Modern Age with Drama

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