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Marni Arnold

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Raised in Tucson, AZ, Marni moved to the Charlotte area of NC in Spring of 1997 and has lived in Charlotte for over twelve years. She has been married to her husband since 1999, and has been a homeschooling parent to one child since he was a baby.

Marni comes with a diverse background not only in work experience - starting in EMS/Fire out of High School, transitioning to a major in Biology later on, to finishing her Undergrad journey at Liberty University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion. Throughout her many years of college, she minored in Psychology (initially clinical psych, then Christian Counseling) and has continued her independent research over the years due to a sincere interest in this field of study. She also comes with a very diverse spiritual background, which gives Marni an ability to approach conversations about Psychology and Spirituality from a unique perspective. Earning her Lay Biblical Counseling Certification through IBCD, she will seek to further her pursuit of Biblical Counseling Certification through ACBC upon her son graduating from High School in 2026.

When she is not at Level Up tutoring, and also assisting with administrative and communicative duties, she enjoys spending time with her small family (husband, son and two cats), and enjoying time with friends.


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