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Joshua Erlien

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Joshua is a teacher, writer, apologist, and homeschool dad. He has been serving as the director for the UNC Charlotte Ratio Christi chapter since 2011. His experience with college students has clarified and focused his perspective on outreach and discipleship. He is currently a trainer and Director of Church Engagement with the Evangelism training ministry Engage 360 (

He has spoken at conferences and panel Q&A forums, to churches, community groups, and families on apologetics issues, with a focus on commending Jesus Christ through winsome conversation. He has also developed and taught homeschool courses on Classical Theism, Ethics, and Worldview.

Joshua and his wife, Nita, have four children and reside in Mineral Springs. Their shared passion for helping families and students thrive is evident in their commitment to passing on the faith to the next generation in an intellectually credible and compelling way.

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