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Inga Masek


Inga is a seasoned educator with over 30 years of experience in teaching and administration. As a former Teacher and Principal, she has dedicated her career to shaping young minds and fostering effective communication skills. With nearly 11 years of homeschooling experience and four children of her own, Inga understands the unique challenges and rewards of educating at home. Currently, she teaches public speaking and communication, equipping students with the tools to express themselves eloquently, defend their faith, and thrive in various communication situations. Inga's passion for engaging learners and commitment to personalized instruction make her a valuable asset to her students' educational journey. In Speech & Debate, with Inga, students will learn to defend their faith through a focus on Apologetics. They will also be guided in the
composition and presentation of a variety of speeches including persuasive, expository, advocacy, and biographical. Interpretive speeches may be of a humorous or dramatic nature as a single speaker or as a duo.


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