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Co-Op: Goals & Benefits

Our Goals

  1. To focus on godly character training for our children through respect for God, His Word, authority and peers.

  2. To encourage students to reach their God-given potential in a Christian atmosphere by providing accountability in our learning environment and an acceptable social climate.

  3. To provide essential and practical subjects for junior and senior high grades and interactive unit studies for elementary and preschool levels which will raise independent, life-long learners equipped with necessary and appropriate study skills.

  4. To assist parents in raising children for Christ who can think and reason from the Scriptures, thereby refuting error and clinging to the truth.

  5. To set high academic standards including options for honors classification, AP courses, and information to prepare students for successful collegiate or other careers.

  6. To provide a comprehensive program for preschool through junior high based on an 8-year cycle of themes.

  7. To be sensitive to students’ individual learning styles as well as those with learning disabilities.

  8. To use a classical approach to education from a Christian perspective.




  • For the Students

    • Learn to submit to authority other than the parents

    • Gain valuable study skills

      • Listening/being attentive

      • Sitting still

      • Note-taking

      • Test-taking

      • Organizing

      • THINKING

    • Learn important and in-depth information about a variety of useful subjects

    • Learn group skills: planning, thinking, cooperating, corroborating, having respect for one another

    • Develop practical recess skills such as throwing a good pass or practicing good chatting skills!

    • Learn and practice several character traits

    • Gain self-discipline skills:

      • following a schedule

      • meeting deadlines

      • being prompt

      • being responsible

      • responding under pressure

    • Learn patriotic songs and the pledge of allegiance – and what they really mean

    • Develop lasting and meaningful friendships and learn how to relate positively to others

    • Practice valuable clean-up or child-sitting skills

    • Have an opportunity for public speaking and being on stage

    • Practice becoming an independent life-long learner and being self-motivated

    • Develop the ability to work with others, become unselfish and learn to be satisfied

    • Gain the skills vital to success in college and career

    • Learn to be responsible for personal items

  • For the Teachers / “Parents”

    • Develop effective teaching skills

    • Be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d in areas you didn’t know you could be!

    • Gain an education that you missed while growing up

    • Fill your mind with all kinds of interesting tidbits (a walking encyclopedia!)

    • Become patient, tolerant and self-controlled

    • Get to know new and exciting people

    • Develop friendships and a deeper bond of Christian sisterhood

    • Adapt to working alongside others who have differing views, ideas and strengths

    • Be challenged to be all you can be!

    • Learn to be prompt, orderly, versatile and more organized

    • Re-learn patriotic songs that you haven’t sung in a long time

    • Learn and practice character traits along with your children

    • Understand the meaning of the pledge of allegiance

    • Practice accountability, responsibility, and charity

    • Develop the ability to plan and/or do clever skits in front of an audience

    • Become a good problem-solver

    • Create exciting lesson plans and actually use them successfully

    • Self-confidence and realize your call to homeschool is a noble and worthwhile ambition

    • Gain insights into other families’ home-school philosophies and how-to’s

    • Have the opportunity to learn subjects that you are unfamiliar with or are uncomfortable teaching

    • Practice COOPERATION

    • In short, become a better teacher, a better friend, a better person


Co-Op 8-Year Plan

FALL (11 weeks) Science/Social Studies

The Fall Co-Op will offer writing instruction for Primary – Jr. High. The semester will culminate with a Science Museum, Science Fair, or Final Event.

  • Civics (During Presidential Election years) with Final Event

  • Anatomy/Physiology/Nutrition with Science Museum

  • Geography- NC, history, country, world, maps culture with Final Culture Fair

  • Physical Science (excluding geology/meteorology) with Science Fair

  • Civics (During Presidential Election years) with Final Event

  • Geology/Meteorology with Science Fair

  • Life Science (classification animal & plant kingdoms) with Science Museum

  • Solar System/Oceanography with Science Fair 

SPRING (11 weeks) History

The Spring co-op will offer a literature study of the time period with writing emphasis for Primary – Jr. High.  Semester culminates with a drama production or final event.

  • Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, Bible lands, Tabernacle, Seder meal with Drama

  • Ancient Civilizations: Greece/Rome with Drama

  • Middle Ages, Church History with Drama or Middle Ages Final Feast

  • Renaissance & Reformation with Drama or Renaissance Festival

  • Birth of a Nation/Revolutionary War/Colonial with Drama

  • Westward Expansion/Civil War with Drama

  • Victorian Age/Industrial Revolution/WWI & WWII with Radio Drama

  • Modern Age with Drama

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