A strong education from a Biblical worldview is essential for all students.


Level Up Homeschool is a group of like-minded homeschool families striving for excellence in education with parent-led CO-OP for birth - eighth grade, a SPEECH CLUB and instructor-led TUTORIALS for high school including an eighth grade program.

****Proverbs 1:5****

Let the wise hear and increase in learning,

and the one who understands obtain guidance

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Becoming  a Word Slinger:  How to transition from “No idea” to “Published Author” in 32 Weeks or less!

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 It was fantastic on several levels.  First, the instruction was beyond anything I could do at home.  It was also good for my daughter to have “classroom” experience sitting in a room with other students and interacting with a teacher who was not her parent.   She did very well in a subject that she did not like.  After the success of her first class we decided to turn to this program for a variety of classes and they have all been fantastic.  The instructors really stretch the students but also hold them accountable.  No grade inflation or slacking off.   

Edlyn N.