Filling Out a Form


Level Up Parent-Led Co-op for families with children in nursery through eighth grade runs twice a year:

11 weeks in the fall (September- November)

and 11 weeks in the spring (February-April) 

Cost is 100$ per family per semester


Level Up Tutorials, an instructor led, a la carte, drop off program for 8th-12th graders academic year runs 32 weeks 

from August - May

Important Information Before Applying

Level Up Tutorials is for families who have homeschooled for at least one school year. It is not a good fit for families who simply want to turn over responsibility of overseeing their student’s progress to someone else, nor for families that simply want to check the courses off their list. We require students to work hard and be monitored closely by their parents.

The courses and tutors do not replace the parent as the primary teacher. Each student is expected to complete the homework outside of class time and be prepared to participate in class. Parents are expected to follow up to make sure the student is accomplishing the required homework.

Tutorials Registration Costs:

Registration Fees returning Level Up families

$100 per student $200 maximum per family


Open Registration-New Level Up families

$150 per student $300 maximum per family


Study halls are available at no charge.


Speech & Debate

Speech and Debate enrollment is open throughout the year.


This program runs from September - May.



Election Campaign

Additional Notes: While it is our hope to meet your students face-to-face and mask-less in a classroom setting, we don't know what the future brings. We follow our church and the government guidelines. If necessary, we will be prepared to successfully conduct virtual classes. The registration fees and tuition deposits payable to Level Up Educational Academy, LLC are non refundable and non-transferable whether we meet in person or are required to shift to distance learning. If a class is cancelled for other reasons, such as low enrollment, the fees will be refunded.  No partial refund will be given for early withdrawal. Parents are responsible to pay for the full course as the tutor has prepared and counted on the attendance of their students for the year.