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  • Fall: 11 weeks (September- November)

  • Spring: 11 weeks (February-April) 

  • Cost: $100 (per family, per semester)

Level Up Parent-Led Co-Op for families with children in nursery - 8th grade, runs twice a year:

Level Up Tutorials, an instructor-led, a la carte, drop-off program for

8th - 12th graders which operates 32 [academic] weeks from Sept - May

Important Information Before Applying

Who Level Up Tutorials is For

  • Level Up Tutorials is for families who have homeschooled for at least one (1) full school year.

  • This program is a partnership between parents & tutors.

    • NOTE: Level Up is not a good fit for families who simply want to turn over responsibility of overseeing their student’s progress to someone else, nor for families that simply want to check the courses off their list.


How Level Up Tutorials Works

  • Parental Responsibilities

    • Courses & Tutors do not replace the parent as the primary educator.

    • Parents are expected to follow up to assure their student is accomplishing the required work.

    • It is required that all Level Up Students work hard & be monitored closely by their parents.

  • Student Responsibilities

    • Each student is expected to complete all assigned work from tutors outside of class time & be prepared to participate in class.

Level Up Tutorials Cost

  • Returning Level Up Families (Registration Fee) 

    • $125 per student $225 maximum per family

  • New Level Up Families (Open Registration)

    • $175 per student $325 maximum per family

  • Study halls are available at no charge.

Before you apply, make sure you understand the above content.

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AVAILABLE March 23, 2023:

2023-24 Schedule!

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